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The world is increasingly looking to our oceans to provide more energy, more food, more jobs, more coastal protection and more commerce. We have an opportunity and a responsibility to transform how we protect, restore and invest in the ocean habitats that will sustain the vast majority of people and cities on Earth. Blue growth is trending — presenting both challenges and opportunities. People are the biggest threat to our oceans when we pursue unregulated and uncontrolled growth, but people are also the biggest hope when we pursue a well-thought out and science-based approach. Today we have a better understanding than ever before of the full value that healthy marine systems provide to communities and economies and how to protect and restore those systems to ensure benefits continue. And we know how to work with ocean stakeholders — governments, industries, communities, scientists and conservationists — hand in hand to develop a shared plan for how we will use and manage the limited resources of our oceans. Working together, we can place “blue growth” on a sustainable trajectory.

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