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5 Questions with The Nature Conservancy's Mark Tercek


Mark Tercek

Chief Executive Officer, The Nature Conservancy

June 2017

Read below an excerpt by Mark Tercek from his interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and click on the link for the full Q&A.

The Nature Conservancy has long been an important player in climate. Before I joined TNC, we were already a global leader in forest carbon and in international climate negotiations. We were a proud member of the United States Climate Action Partnership and we're the only NGO member of the World Bank's Carbon Fund.

So we were already doing a lot. But in recent years, we've realized we need to do even more.

Why? TNC is a science-based organization. And the science here is crystal clear: Climate change is the number one threat to our mission. It threatens all of our work going forward. And it threatens to undo much of what we've accomplished in our 65-year history.

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