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Big Business Invests Big in Green Energy. When Will the Government?


Lynn Scarlett

Co-Chief External Affairs Officer, The Nature Conservancy

March 2015

While everyone still has to carry around a phone charger for the forseeable future, Apple is taking a different approach to its own energy supply. In a recent announcement, the tech giant committed to an $850 million agreement to buy continuous power directly from a huge solar plant in California.

For Apple, the benefits are clear. The 25-year contract provides the company with a reliable supply of electricity, at a secure price, with the latest energy technology. For the global future, the benefits are clear, too. Apple's decision affirms that clean energy, climate solutions and economic opportunity can converge.

Apple isn't investing in solar as a global "green gift." It's investing in solar energy because it's good business. As Apple CEO Tim Cook stressed at a recent business conference, "We expect to have very significant savings."

Originally Posted on CS Monitor

March 03, 2015