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Connecting Private Capital to Natural Capital


Andrew Deutz and Marc Diaz

Director of International Government Relations, The Nature Conservancy; Managing Director, NatureVest, The Nature Conservancy

August 2016

Some 5,000 of the world's conservation practitioners will gather in Hawai'i this week for the World Conservation Congress. Since the last Congress, four years ago in South Korea, the world of conservation—and conservation finance—has come a long way.

There is greater understanding about the role 'nature' can play in solving global challenges like climate change, poverty, and food security, and how it can even be a driver for economic growth and prosperity.

If you are interested in this topic, follow the IUCN World Conservation Congress this week in Hawai’i: “High-Level Dialogue on Private Finance for Public Good.”

Originally Posted on Environmental Finance

August 30, 2016