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Global Lands Report

December 2015

Our lands have sustained us over millennia. We live on the land. We get food and energy from the land. And it's where we build our cities, our culture, and our way of life. It is clear that our lands are already providing us with plenty, but they can do more.

Our new report looks at how society can make different choices about we how use our lands. We can simply continue to expand the amount of land we convert and use – whether forests, grasslands or wetlands. This is the business-as-usual paradigm. Or we can look at the trade-offs between environment and development in a different way, using science to inform where development and conservation can work in harmony and help us to make better decisions – to help our lands do more.

The choices we make in the next generation or two will determine whether our lands will continue to sustain us over millennia to come. The consequences of the decisions and choices we make could not be more important.