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How An Old-School Nonprofit Is Learning to Tell A More Captivating Story


Jessica Leber

Fast Company Co.Exist

April 2015

The Nature Conservancy, a 65-year-old nonprofit and one of the world’s most well-funded environmental charities, doesn’t necessarily lack for resources to set up a fancy website. But sometimes, even it needs a lesson in how to hold the attention of the capricious Internet generation and tell its story better.

One of the group’s main focus areas is water. A few years ago, after conducting a survey, it realized a huge majority of people—about 70% of respondents—had no clue where their own water comes from. Some simply said "the tap." This was a bad sign.

"If you’re trying to protect the ultimate water source, which is the forests and watersheds that we all depend on, and the vast majority of the public has no idea—you have a problem," says Giulio Boccaletti, The Nature Conservancy’s global managing director for water.

A question from The Nature Conservancy's Watering Hole "Challenge"
A question from The Nature Conservancy's Watering Hole "Challenge"

Originally Posted on Fast Company Co.Exist

April 08, 2015