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How We Can Make Nature Work for Us


Giulio Boccaletti, Eddy Njoroge

Chief Strategy Officer, The Nature Conservancy; Chairman, Nairobi Securities Exchange

June 2015

Irregular rainfall, drought, and insufficient freshwater has become the status quo in many parts of the world. With the increasing global population, we need to find better strategies to meet our water demands sustainably. Eddy Njoroge, chairman of Nairobi Securities Exchange, and Giulio Boccaletti, Global Managing Director of Water for The Nature Conservancy, suggest that two things are necessary for this to happen: reliable data on water availability and usage, and increased investment in infrastructure (both physical and natural infrastructure).

Investing in natural infrastructure can save businesses money, and can be a powerful way to help balance human needs with the natural global water cycle.

Originally Posted on Standard Digital

June 03, 2015