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Global Development Risk Report

October 2015

The Global Development Risk Assessment, a study from The Nature Conservancy published in PLOS One, offers the most complete look we've ever had at the impact global growth will have on the land we depend on worldwide.

How Development Will Impact the Future of Our Lands

See Justin Adams' 90-second take on the Global Development Risk Assesssment

A Note From Our Global Leader

The Global Development Risk Assessment is the most complete look to date at the impact that our future development will have on the land and water we depend on worldwide.

It tells us that our world stands to look wildly different than it does today. In all, 20% of the world’s remaining natural lands will be developed by the middle of this century. South America’s conversion of natural land to working land is expected to double. Africa’s is set to triple. And only 5% of natural lands that are at the highest risk of development are currently under legal protection.

That 5% number is really a key finding, because it tells us two important things: one — how vulnerable these critical places are; and two — how we have to think about new solutions beyond traditional protection.

This is really a story about opportunity — to get ahead of this curve, to bring world-class science to the decision-making fore, and to break new ground for conservation as a central part of future development.

If we can inspire companies, governments and communities to account for nature’s full value, we can transform the world’s growth story — and better protect our remaining natural lands along the way.

Originally Posted on PLOS One

October 07, 2015