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Nations' Climate Pledges Leave Emissions Rising for Years, U.N. Says

By October 2015, one hundred forty-six countries, accounting for 86% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, made pledges to reduce their greenhouse gases. This is a big step from Copenhagen, when only 27 countries pledged to cut their emissions.

However, a synthesis report from the United Nations suggests that these pledges are still not enough. Even if all pledges are implemented, global emissions are projected to rise. And by 2030, about 75 percent of the global carbon dioxide budget would be spent.

Pledging to curb greenhouse gases is a step in the right direction. But perhaps it’s time to take bigger steps. Andrew Deutz, The Nature Conservancy’s Director of International Government Relations, says, “The foundation has been poured, but to build from this the Paris agreement must deliver transparency and accountability against these pledges, and ensure that countries accelerate their ambition over time.”

Read the full article for more on how the 2015 pledges are projected to affect our greenhouse gas emissions and carbon budget.

Originally Posted on The Washington Post

January 01, 1970