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Solutions that Support Migratory Fish

May 2016

Fish provide almost three billion people with nearly 20 percent of their animal protein intake. Many species—including those that we commonly see in grocery stores, like salmon and tuna—must migrate to survive, and changes in the environment can affect the conditions necessary for their success. From hydroelectric dams and infrastructure blocking their movement to overfishing and coastal development, migratory fish around the world face many challenges to their survival, and their populations have been diminishing.

By partnering with scientists, policymakers and other organizations, The Nature Conservancy is helping to find solutions that balance the needs of nature and economies. From innovative planning approaches that boost migratory fish populations while maintaining river energy generation to restoring habitat in ways that buffer coastal communities from flooding risk and more, the Conservancy is leading positive, lasting change in the rivers and oceans that these important fish depend on.

To learn more about solutions that support migratory fish, download the full publication here.

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