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Demonstrating the Value of Water: The Global Water Quarterly Review

June 2018

Water underpins every facet of development: addressing poverty and hunger and improving health; mitigating and adapting to climate change; affordable energy and sustainable cities and communities all depend on safe and secure water supplies. But our inability to adequately value water—to invest in the systems that allow us to carefully manage it, allocate it to the most important uses, and protect the health of the watersheds from which we draw it—threatens human health, prosperity and even, in some cases, political stability.

Such problems are solvable, however. Combining science and innovative finances, The Nature Conservancy is working with communities to overcome water insecurity by investing in freshwater systems in a way that contributes to peace and prosperity, demonstrating the complementarity between water security and ecological integrity.

The Global Water Quarterly Review provides an growing set of case studies that demonstrate these solutions in action, from Colombia to Maine and Kenya to Australia. By changing the way nature is valued, protected and leveraged, the Conservancy is bringing greater benefits to communities while also ensuring nature has a seat at the table in discussions about water security and other aspects of sustainable development.

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Global Water Quarterly Review

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