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Bringing nature’s power into cities.

Today, half of the world’s population lives in cities — collectively using nearly 80 percent of the world’s resources. And by mid-century, three out of every four people will call cities home. The sheer demand for additional urban infrastructure will strain natural resources and public finances beyond their limits. This historic urban growth – coupled with a changing climate – demands that we fundamentally change the relationship between cities and nature to ensure a future where both thrive together.

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    Pascal Mittermaier

    "Imagine a city that is a part of nature not apart from nature."

    Pascal Mittermaier is the Global Managing Director for Cities at The Nature Conservancy. He leads a team at the Conservancy focused on transforming how the world’s growing cities harness nature’s power to build resilient, livable, thriving communities for millions of people. TNC’s urban work uses innovative science to find nature-based solutions for some of the biggest challenges of our time: Urban water, air pollution, excessive urban heat, urban sprawl, and biodiversity extinction. TNC’s urban conservation teams work with a wide group of global partners to explore the health benefits of nature in cities, while also focusing on nature as a way to tackle inequality and exclusion.