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Meeting the Challenges of a Changing Planet

In our lifetimes, a defining threat to human wellbeing is climate change. Far-reaching impacts such as ocean acidification, heat waves, droughts, and floods are already endangering species and exacerbating poverty, hunger, and the spread of disease. To continue down this path will mean devastating pressure on ecosystems and increased vulnerability for billions of people. We must act now – as individuals and communities, as business leaders, and as policymakers.

Latest Thoughts | Climate

    "Leaders on climate will be rewarded."

    Lynn Scarlett is the Co-Chief External Affairs Officer at The Nature Conservancy. In this role, she directs policy in the United States and the 35 countries in which the Conservancy operates with a focus on climate and nature- based solutions.

    Climate change is one of the world’s most urgent challenges and an immediate risk to our communities, economies, and to our conservation mission. Lynn believes that practical, innovative solutions can create a prosperous, low-carbon future that is cleaner, healthier, and more secure for everyone and that nature-based solutions are an essential component of controlling carbon pollution and protecting against climate impacts.

    Most recently, she was the Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Department of the Interior, Lynn also served at Interior as the Acting Secretary of the Interior in 2006.