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Charting a sustainable course for oceans and people

Today, people look to our oceans more than ever to meet our basic needs and for continued economic growth. Ocean industries such as seafood, coastal tourism, energy and shipping are booming. Much of this development is happening without regard to both short- and long-term environmental impacts. Yet, we know that when we develop wisely, people are the ocean’s greatest hope.

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    "If we’re going to see the ocean as limitless, we will destroy it. Humanity must choose whether we will be the greatest danger to the ocean, or its greatest hope."

    Maria Damanaki is the Global Managing Director for Oceans at The Nature Conservancy. She leads a global team focused on transforming how the world manages its oceans, with a focus on investing in natural infrastructure, such as coral reefs and wetlands, to reduce climate risks and sustain ocean health; promoting sustainable fisheries management and legal fish trade; and managing and protecting ocean and coastal habitats in ways that continue to provide benefits to nature and people.

    She believes that the only path to lasting, tangible results for a sustainable blue economy is collaboration across public, private and civil sectors – at both global and local levels – while always respecting the needs of both nature and people.