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By managing water for nature’s needs, we can also meet our own

Growing cities and increased demands for food and energy are putting unprecedented pressure on our lakes, rivers and aquifers. We would need to invest more than a trillion dollars each year to build our way out of our water scarcity problem alone. Traditional solutions — such as dams, reservoirs and other types of man-made infrastructure — are proving too costly and unsustainable on their own. We must look to nature for solutions that build greater global water security.

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    Giulio Boccaletti

    "Water is the silent currency that runs through the global economy."

    Giulio Boccaletti, Ph.D., is the Chief Strategy Officer at The Nature Conservancy. Trained as a scientist, Giulio is an expert on environmental and economic sustainability. In his role as Chief Strategy Officer, Giulio works with other members of the Executive Team to develop the organization’s strategy and apply economic and scientific practice to our conservation agenda.